Running Clothes – The 3 C’s of Running Clothes

Running is the oldest form of exercise that people use to improve their health issues. Sportswear is one and the main reason that motivate and supports people to carry out their exercise.

Running Clothes Materials

running clothes for women

  • Running clothes make with specific polyester fabric purposely designed for runners either for facilitating comfort or safety reason.
  • The materials are specializing with lightweight and hard-wearing.
  • Some of the clothes are long sleeve and most of running clothes are tight-fitting, but all of the running or sportswear make with breathable materials. Especially for women, there is sports garment provide supportive during exercise. Sports bra made for running goes beyond comfort over than normal bra with the flexibility and adjustable strap.

Runner used to buy running clothes as a supportive motivation as long as comfortable and safety issue. However, some individual buy running clothes because of their hobby. Rhonda Copeland is the one who loves running, and he has running clothes collection hobby. There is a closet for him merely to put running clothes, his collection from winter wear to summer wear.

Running Clothes Styles

running clothes styleNowadays, there is a wide range of colorful running clothes and styles. Some people would think that all of the sportswear are same, so they somehow to pick one and put it on their body, especially avoid t-shirt no matter how expensive it is, because t-shirt made with kind of fabric will dry your skin out. However, if you won’t wear it right, it does not maximize the comfortable level and help to keep you are able to balance your body temperature (avoid freezing in the cold environment and keep cold in the hot environment).

Rhonda does share his sportswear story according to the weather. He wears short sleeve top with a lightweight jacket and tight fit bottom during the winter season. When it gets cooler, he adds a running cap and gloves, just to ensure it will keep warm enough for him.  Especially when it comes to less than 45-degree F, the long bottom should be worn to ensure and protect your leg muscles.

Rhonda has his own rule for running clothes collection, there is about three C’s of running clothes which are: Comfortable and Color-Coordinated.

  •   Comfortable: as mentioned above, running clothes made with special fabric and breathable material, it helps long-lasting the exercise.
  •  Color-coordinated: knowing or matching the color for your outfit sometimes might be difficult. However, once you break the rules and find out the combination, it somehow supports your running, for example, warm color tends co be red, yellow, orange… cold color tends to be purple, green.

Some people hate it when they have to run in the cold environment, they need to prepare a lot of layers. However, there will be sportswear for the cold season. It should be wise enough to choose running clothes according to the weather. For Rhonda, he prefers summer running, the first reason is that he hate layers clothing. When he run in the cold season, he needs to add gloves, cap. It somehow reduces the comfortable.

The second reason for him to love running on the hot season is that most of his collection suit hot weather. But please pay attention when you got your running in the hot season, according to Rhonda, running might cause the temperature increase 10 degrees over human normal temperature.

However, even though some of the running clothes specifically designed for people to run, but some of those might not breathable or some might not comfort enough. So beware of what you are buying or try it before purchasing. Especially when people have already set their long term running goal, they must prepare their running outfits suit for every season and weather.