How To Start Running – 10 Tips For Beginners

Exercise is the type of body activity that maintains or builds up a body for health or fitness. Running is a popular type of exercise and is known as the oldest form of exercise. Especially for sport-enthusiast, running is just the way they use to train their body. According to Journal of the American College of Cardiology, running is not only improving healthy issues but also help to prevent disease. Some people run just want to get into shape, while others might want to lose weight. There is numerous reason for people to run.

There is a cross-country runner said, “out sport is your sport’s punishment”. His statement brings some points. This runner spends most of his time just for running, he found that running is his life, he runs for his joy, he runs for his happiness and he loves running.

However, for certain people running just for their own purpose, some may for health, some may for fitness. For a certain group of people who never work out, running is terribly for them.

How to Start Running

The cross-country runner name is Pater Larson, he started his first running in May 2007, running seem to be his life, he set aside all of obstructs (discourage from friends, family) but he did not give up on his running. Peter found that running is an excellent exercise for him and for all of us, too. Here are some benefits from his running:

  • He is able to control his breath
  • He becomes sportsman
  • He is able to overcome his fear
  • He loses 15 pounds yet still healthy and strong enough to take care of his children

Therefore, he tries his best to list out 10 tips from his personal experiment of how to start running.

  1. Motivation: the very first priority for most of the workout. Peter’s motivation was bout his children. He needs to maintain his health to keep up and take care of his children. More on it, he needs to get in shape and lose weight. It takes him 6 months as a runner to reach his standard (losing 15 pounds) and keeps maintaining till now.
  2. Road race: overcome his goal. Peter can never run over 3-mile road constantly in the moment of July, 2007. However, he registers Road Race which will take 4-mile. Running races then become his motivator.
  3. Running shoes: it is a source in order to support a person’s motivation as well as Peter. It does help to create a healthy running routine. There are lots of shoes brands are designed according to individuals’ pace.
  4. Start slow and run short: motivation brings people to move but how long it will take to the goal and how to maintain it? It’s must be a plan, make it short and slow, get your body use to an exercise and improve the endurance later on.howtostartrunning
  5. Track your effort: Ipod Nano and Apple watch are 2 popular tools that people use to track daily exercise. However, be well prepared before your run to prevent any breakdown, make sure your body is properly hydrated.
  6. Find something to pass the time: for Peter, he uses music to distract his tiredness and increases his enduring.
  7. Partner: Other than music, some people get a partner to run with, it either be a friend or family who shares the same habit. Running with a partner might be slow down your speed yet increase your motivation on your run.
  8. Join a Running Club: for people who have set their long-term target, running club may become their motivation to keep them moving on. Moreover, there will be an instructor guides you how to run and maintain it. Peter’s favorite running club name is Road Runners Club of America RRCA.
  9. Join an On-Line Running Forum: there will be loads of running information and personal experiments available at those online forums. Few popular forums such as Runner’s World Magazine Forum, the Forums, the Runner + Forums and so on.

There will be more than just enough tip and information for the beginner who started their first running. However, the information above is Peter’s personal experiments, each people have their own target as well as ambition. If you have your own motivation to keep you work out, go for it. As long as you never give up, you are successful.