Experience for Taking Pictures Inside Wood with Camera

Photographing animals in the deep woods is a very hard job, with people who love nature and animals, you can use wild game innovations  trail camera to capture precious moments in all kinds of animals. Besides in this article, I will share with you some experience to be able to take beautiful natural images.

There Should Be Staged When Photographing Animals

Photographing animals in the deep woods

 Many photographers deliberately condemned to trap the animals to record images of them, despite it could affect the survival of an entire species. This should be reasonable in the world of photography. Recently a group of photographers in Singapore has sparked a wave of outrage when accused of deliberately arranged to capture images of wild birds.

These people are said to have tried to pump air into the stomach and stuffed foam into the fish’s mouth.

  • This action is believed to keep the fish well and make them always attracted the attention of the eagle. When the eagle flies to catch fish, they will become a target in the sights of the photographer.
  • It is worth mentioning that with this action, the eagle can accidentally swallow the sponge in the stomach or make choking them in the neck.
  • Under the protection of the environment, this action will harm the eagle when they eat prey to it. In other words, the photographer was taken out of the animal health bet to be able to record images of the animals themselves.

It should be added when the first gray eagle is one of the species is at a critically endangered in Singapore. According to the organization of some non-government organizations, currently, has less than 20 individuals of this species exist naturally in the environment. Therefore, action adventure with our health is not acceptable. The set of wildlife photography is one of the controversial topics of the machine during the handover. Cases like this are some people see as touching moral categories in photography.

Many argue that the arrangement to the loss of nature and the value of the photo, and can affect the lives of wild animals. While some others have said that the recording of beautiful photos is more important when, through photographs, people will look more favorably on the animals and join hands to protect general.

Outdoor Shooting Experience

  • Take pictures outdoor scenes, including landscapes, plants, flowers, scenes of humans. According to Nicky, you need to know where to go, how the beauty of the place. For example, May is the season rice transplanting in the North, from September, October is the season known in the South as well as the most appropriate season to capture the Northwest terraces … That is the information good for reference.
  • However, you should not preprogram “season specialties there.” Sometimes, you just finished harvesting paddy shooting season is also very beautiful and create identities for the photo. Pictures nice taken in the early morning (between 5-8 hours) and afternoon (between 16-18 hours). Meanwhile, the photographer often more emotional and pleasant light.
  • After selecting the time of the shooting, you will select the location shooting. When the time of shooting and location shooting was finished, the remaining work is shaping the image.
  • Many people believe that photography would backlight beautiful but that is an only relative concept, sometimes shooting through the morning will nicer. The photographer should try many different lights, both backlit and easy morning when the new test really beautiful image info or not.

Likewise, panorama format (wide-angle panoramic photo, the corresponding ratio between width and length is 3: 1), commonly used in landscape photography; but not always appropriate. This format helps you see the big picture but use custom timing and the specific context. It should be noted that without the three-dimensional space, the image will not be pretty. You need to image processing so that the array block, the light, the dark, dark place, spotlight.

For professional photographers, each trip is every expensive in terms of time, energy, climate change. Investors who hold the camera should have considered the matter, knowledge and time to create stylish photos of their own, need to know a natural advantage given the opportunity; should therefore not be easy on ourselves but fall prey to “lazy” because there may be time to regret missed opportunities. The photography is fun but also the conviction preoccupation of professional photographers, missed opportunities to capture moments that would be tormented.

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