Where to Store Your Boat?

There are many reasons why you buy a boat. 2/3 of the surface of our earth is covered by water; a new boat will allow you to explore more of the planet than you ever would with a car. However, boats are not just about transportation. People buy boats for cruising, fishing or as a type of recreational sport…

Buying a boat that suits your needs and requirements is such a complicated yet rewarding experience. However where to store your boat can be a problem, especially during winter. To store your boat more efficiently and easily, it’s best to determine which locations and ways for boat storage.

store your boat

Store your boat in a local marina

Most people store their boats outdoors, in the water such as in a local marina, even new boat owners. They just leave them there and then forget about them. The advantages of storing your boat in a local marina is that, your boat is available and accessible allowing you or anyone to get easy access to your boat for some relaxing time or fishing or for a ride

The only downside to it is that, your boat will be exposed to the elements. The weather will have an impact on your boat. Your boat can be damaged severely or destroyed completely in the event of storms. Or during the winter months, the water freezes when the temperature declines, all boats need to be removed from the water. This would be a huge problem for those who can’t afford to transport their boats or those who don’t have a place for storage.

Store your boat on a private property

  • This is one of the ways to deal with all the stresses caused by storing your boat in the water. Many people who own small boats choose their own backyards as a place to store their boats. There are various ways to transport boats from their backyards to the local marina or lake and vice versa.
  • Storing your boat in your backyard is inexpensive and easy but you will have to deal with potential problems in the future. The exposure to the elements can still happen without being in the water. It also can’t protect your boat from being blown up, damaged, and destroyed by a storm.

Store your boat in an indoor boat storage facility

Marina & Dry Boat Storage in Portland

To deal with the problem of having your boat exposed to the elements, storing it indoors will hold advantages over the aforementioned two methods. For people in the US, nowadays, you can store your boats all year round in one of many different storage facilities. You can store your boat there and appreciate many services and conveniences provided. Most of these indoor boat storage facilities can store all kinds of boats except for yachts which are extremely large.

  • In most cases, the storage area of these boat storage facilities is extremely spacious.  You don’t have to worry about your boat being packed next to others’ causing damages. You can perform all sorts of maintenance and repairs on your boat without affecting others thanks to the large and spacious boat storage areas. If necessary, there are service staff and boat maintenance mechanics at your service.
  • Indoor boat storage facilities also provide high tech security; many of them have security staff patrolling 24/7. This will give you peace of mind so you won’t have to worry about your boat being damaged or disturbed by careless acts. Who enter and exit the boat storage facility will be monitored 24/7 and most of the time, access is restricted to certain hours.
  •  You don’t have to worry about transporting your boat from and to your local lakes or marinas all by yourself thanks to the transportation services offered by the indoor boat storage facilities. It’s even more convenient to transport due to the fact that most indoor storage facilities are based near large bodies of water.

With these indoor boat storage facilities, you will get to enjoy your boat ownership to the fullest such as having your boat transported in and out conveniently for easy access even at the last minute, and having a safe storage for your boat when it’s not in use.

Final thought

Owning a boat and dealing with the hassle of storing your boat might come off as patience owning and time consuming. However, as long as you know the way, it won’t be much of a problem anymore.

When choosing the best boat storage method, you will need to take many factors into consideration such as your type of boat (is it a small boat or a yacht?), your location (How far it is to the lake?..), your budget (How much you’re willing to spend?..), and how often you’re going to use your boat?… Once you have all the questions resolved, you will eventually get to enjoy the joy of boat ownership.