Learn To Dance – 5 Different Ways To Make You Dance

Dancing is always the mainly entertainment major for people to move their body along the music. it is commonly known as the performance to express any particular culture within a country. For certain people, dancing is the most effective way to move their body and keep it in shape or outlook. It is a great way of exercise, too.

Some people who have not considered learn to dance or hesitate about the effective of this kind of exercise and looking for the reasons to move their body. Bingo! This article is going to show the difference reasons why should you join to dance.

  1. Dancing is a great fun

Since dancing as long as working out helps to improve mood and emotions, it makes you have a better and happy life. You have no though with your since you dancing, along with your favorite music. There is kind of dancing such as cha cha or samba which required fast movement or jumping movements. There are so many styles of dancing out there for you to choose from, pick one suit yourself and your friends practice together to have a great fun time.

Dancing is just like you are having fun with friends or new friends with a fearless state of mind, along with the relaxing music.

  1. Dancing generates Love


Couples use to show their love for each other through dancing. It shows the respect you give your partner, dancing move for the couple might have a little bit different, it slower and closer to your partner, sometimes body touches involved, together with a sexy move and seducing act. However, it is the couple dancing style, it does not recommend to dance with an unknown person.

  1. Tones your body

Every kind of exercise managed to burn calorie, dancing is also the same thing since your body’s muscle tenses every move. The research found out that dancing burns 200 to 400 calories every 30 minutes, same burning level as walking or cycling. Besides, common benefits usually meet which is:

  • Exercise helps every part of your body work together as a team, it would help to improve your working performance.
  • Exercise helps to prevent so many health problems.
  • Dancing makes your body get into shape and better appearance could boost your confident, increase self-esteem.
  • Physically workout increase body endurance and improve muscle.
  1. Meet new people

Dancing helps to increase social aspects as you meet new people since you join dancing class. Sometimes meeting new people would likely to help you improve your personal skills such as interaction communication, how to work out with other people, expand your friend zone, sharing same hobbies and so on.

Meeting new people and getting to know different kind dance style from all over the world. Don’t your feel nice to discover varieties countries dance styles?

  1. Dancing is an expression of joy

    Ballroom dance

Dancing is one of the ways to express your emotion, to stress out. It is the freestyle dance (without a course) as long as you move your body openly, you would able to express yourself a truly feeling. Once you move your body, you have no thinking with you. Meanwhile, starting a new relationship or new friends, you are able to talk whatever you want to without pressure since people often focus on their feet and move.

  1. Teaches you patience and adjustment

The very main point of training patience and adjustment skills is the process which has been formed during learning course. You might feel uncomfortable and clumsy at first, some people might feel discourage since their body could not be moved as others. Difference kind of dancing requires different skills (e.g.: learning the cha cha requires quick steps response while others require acrobatics or dexterous with hands and feet). Learn how to relax and calm are additional skills at the same time. You might feel silly at fist several times but the more you dance, the greater confidence you will be.

Don’t ever give up easily, as long as you are able to overcome the very first step, you have learned numerous skills not only to apply for dancing but also for your daily life.

Everyone has their own reason as motivation to carry on their major, so dancing too. Social development since there is no age barrier to joining in the dancing class. Further, difference dancing clubs are available such as the gay club or the lesbian club, single or couple, youth or mature and so on. Medical benefits are an additional element to motivate you to dance. Dancing helps to enrich physical, mental and emotional. In addition, it generates a better relationship either with your friends or your beloved one since you have fun together, and create invaluable memories.