Choosing Dog Car Seat Covers

Any car owner always tries their best to protect their own car, one of the most common ways as protection is put on some accessories. The basic accessory they would apply to their car is car seat cover. We all known car seat cover popular to use for better sitting position and for an infant so far.

Besides, dog owners would love to bring their pet with them whenever they’re going. Problems arise since he is always the high-energy dog around and back to your car with dirt and tears. Therefore, the best seat cover for car has been the most important thing for any dog owner.

Still, it is not randomly to buy a car cover, in case you want something which is durable, fit your purpose and easy to use, several points below need to be considered when buying a brand new cover.


1. Permanent cover or removable cover

There are difference kinds of seat cover for you to choose from in the market.

  • People usually go for the classic and please to their eye seat cover type, just like fabric seat. Fabric does not have big different from the original.
  • People used it as covering an old and dirty spot up. However, fabric materials, unfortunately, do not suitable for pet owner since it provided minimal protection and inconvenient removal process. Permanent covers are good enough when car owners have never considered a pet with them around.
  • Meanwhile, car seat cover for a pet with the specialist designed for a dog owner, which provide effective protection yet still pleasing to your eye. A car owner should have to be sure the cover does not easily slip and slide.  It might be simple looking in your eye, but it maximizes the strip function as protection and give your pet enough space to rest or play. Most importantly, it is easily removable just as carpet.

2. Do you need to use the car for passengers too?

There is no one buy a car just only to serve their pet and purchase another car for human, it does not make sense unless they have too much money or the pet owner does not want their pet has any contact with people. If they do want friends and family have a chance to be with their dog, there will be a flexible type of dog seat cover which provides half way unzip or roll up easily for passenger and dog sit together. Dog seat covers do have access seatbelts which would be more than convenience since passengers do not have to remove dog seat cover.

3. Is your dog liable to be muddy and/or wet?

Solvit Waterproof Bench Seat Cover

  • So many people keep on questioning if dog car seat cover is durable to due against dog claws and muddy from high energy dogs. The answer is yes, it does worth with what you paying for. Especially when your dog gets sick, you can not predict what will be happened next. The very outstanding of this type cover is waterproof and durability function.
  • Dog seat covers are typically designed to prevent any damages from your lovely pet. The owner can not avoid if their pet gets into the car with muddy or damp feet, that’s why dog seat cover availably as a handy job for the owner. It can be washed with a machine or by hand.

4. Is your dog going to the front or rear seat?

It does not matter if your dog wants to be the front or back seat, dog covers available both of these in the market. The point is to make sure your dogs’ safety, keep them balancing inside your car just as in a cage. If you want your dog going to front seat, make sure your airbag is there, several cars do not provide airbag, you have to purchase one for yourself. If you want your pet going to be at rear seat, you need to adjust your rear seat down 50:50 or 60:40 if you need to maximize this seat cover function, it would be able to work better with that position.

It is typically important for a pet owner to have a dog seat cover in order to protect their car but for their dog either. Based on above information with some online researches, so choose your pick.