A Beginner’s Guide to Golf Clubs

Golf at Pebble Beach Resorts-A beginner's guide to the home of the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-AmRegarding the topic of choosing the Best Golf Clubs for beginners, it’s been mentioned that golf club plays a significant role in this activity. For beginners, excessive dose of golf clubs’ information might discountenance their enthusiasm. Therefore, choosing the right one for a beginner is the very first step in order to continue on this game. For more information, related to the topic of golf, please check my site here for further reading.

Golf is a game when people play in green and open air environment with handheld equipment, players used to hit a small ball into series of holes (usually consists of 18 holes). And golf clubs, of course, are one of the most important which could not be short of using to hit the balls. Golf clubs have been classified into 6 types in total, each of them available to different kind of people, let’s check it out.

1. Drivers

BombTech Grenade Driver Face

Drivers are always used for the very first round or any first hit. This clubs with its special designed as a flat surface that offers you to hit the ball with smallest corners and minimize the wind’ effect to achieve the maximum distinct. The driver as regard as a weapon for your game if you are able to use it effectively. Otherwise, it becomes a serious mistake.

However, it would be the most difficult clubs to use because of its length which is hard to control compare to other clubs, it is the number one wood as the longest hitting club. Although the driver is one of the hardest clubs to use, yet, this is the must-have items in your golf set, if you are wondering of is pricey issue, it is not a big deal. There would be certain golf clubs’ brands offer drivers with reasonable price which only around $100 per club, try to pick one for yours.

2. Fairway Woods

fairway woods golf clubs

As its name mentioned, this clubs is used to allow its ball over the fairway, the distinct between tee and green is longest part compare to others. The term “wood” just referred to the old day, now it all made from the metal head just like drivers. The difference is fairway woods come with a smaller head and shorter shaft.

As golf club set comes to many types and each type of it comes to a different number, it uses to separate each function, distinction and the “loft”.  The loft is when a ball being thrown or hit highly into the air, they also called it is trajectory. Fairway woods offer easier handling to make out the defined hit or sometimes the ball could be make out more distinct if you hand it rightly. Many people referred high loft hit since it is better and land or stop faster. The price for the wood set (normally comes to three, five or seven woods) from $150 to $300 dollars, it is easy to achieve, right?

3. Irons

irons golf clubs

Irons usually being used when it is short distinct between a hole and the green, as its name, it made from metal and blade shape head designed. This is suitable for short hits (the gap is around 125 to 225 yards), most of the beginners consider Irons as sensible trends. There are about two iron types which consist forged irons and cast irons. Irons are often come to set of 9 irons, each of its offer different level of loft would be. So the different between forged and cast clubs would be:

  • Forged irons often used for better player while cast clubs designed for handicapper with a higher level. It is known that forging couldn’t offer the flexibility of weight and shaping than cast clubs do.
  • Forged clubs designed as easily handling while cast clubs stick with more weight designed. However, it is just the feel from most of the players, it couldn’t have decided for all situation, its feel comes from how the club-shaped and not related to its name.

Normally, iron clubs associate with a number from two to nine which would be cost up to $1500 per set. A beginner who wish to own one club out of the whole set, there still a good choice for you if you already knew which club suit you the best.

4. Wedges

Wedges are one of the common clubs that almost the players should have one, it is the basic club for every beginner. It somehow similar to iron yet still have its outstanding function. Wedge is always used for the high, short and controllable shot. Wedges are claMy Edel Wedgesssified into four types

  • Pitching Wedge (PW): provide full shot when it comes out a loft between 44 to 48 degrees. It offers light shots around the green.
  • Gap Wedges (GW): provide a shot with a loft between 50 to 53 degrees
  • Sand Wedge (SW): slightly different yet still big gap over GW, frequently applicable for gap loft between 54 to 58 degrees. With its specially designed as wider and heavier, it is able to bring the ball out of green with its shot.
  • Lob Wedges (LW): it is the newest version come along to provide better shot with its loft between 60 to 64 degrees. It offers fuller shot hit than other wedges.

The suggestion states that a beginner should use SW and PW for their first-time trial. When your skills have been improved, you can add another wedge to your clubs set.

5. Putters

Putters usually come out with the shortest gap, it purposely designs to get the balls into the hole. Putters available with many sizes and shapes, its shafts are also separate into different lengths and various heads shapes. As other clubs, putters offer different types which include the conventional putter, belly putter and mallet putters and some more. The putters’ prices and shapes are the main elements to carry out the price of this club. It available in the market with price from $20 to $300 depends on a different putter.

It has been the long process since you already handle 250 yards into your fairway with your first shot, then it comes to second shot around 170 yards to the sand, the use your wedge to bring your ball out, moving to “putt for dough” strategy with putter to get the ball inside the hole.

6. Hybrids

Hybrids known as the new and modern golf club, certain people replaced their iron clubs to hybrids. Because hybrids make up a concept of minimizing the vibration when the clubs connect to ground or green. Although hybrids are being preferred for the experienced player, it does not mean hybrid clubs suitable for a beginner since those advanced technologies not much benefits to them. Therefore, a beginner should use the basic clubs to practice until their skills improved.  As it is an advanced technology, so it comes along with higher price around $200 to $400.

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