Protect Your Feet with the Hunting Boot and Tips for Preventing Some Animals

Hunting boot is an indispensable item for field trips in the jungle. If you want to find the best rubber hunting boots, go now and get more information by visiting this address. Besides, I’ll give you these tips to prevent insects, materials harmful to your feet.

For Centipede

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  • Centipedes are many animals under vacuum layer usually live in the dark, damp places like under the bed, under cabinets, dry leaves items … even in clothing. We can release poisonous substances when bitten by the front teeth, making objects swelling.
  • Centipede venom is not lethal, but that people were an extremely painful bite. These symptoms are accompanied by vomiting and fever.
  • When centipede bites venom, need to squeeze the blood out less. Then wash the bite with soap, ice in place to help relieve pain and reduce swelling.

For Flies buffalo

Gadfly is a large fly and bloodsucking often burned and cattle. We do not forgive humans. Horsefly bites cause persistent pain, which can last for several days and other birth complications, such as high fever, convulsions, coma. When horsefly bites, as well as how to manage the bite of other species is washed with soap and apply ice.

For snake

BitingSnake in woods

Snake or in bushes, burrows, on trees, night operations; seeing the evasive action.

  • So should not go into places of dense, if travel takes a shine, every fabric, thick fabric clothing, wide-brimmed hats, and sticks to repel snakes.
  • Should look closely at where to sit or lie down, both side and snake on the tree swing on the branches precaution.
  • You should sleep on the bed and nets, to avoid lying on the floor.

When the poisonous snake bites, measures need to do is remove the venom and limit the spread of the venom. This work must be carried out as quickly as possible, made in the first few minutes soon after being bitten. A few things to note when management is:

  • Emergency placed victim lying down, lying still guiding victims to limit the spread of the venom.
  • Need to clean the wound with water snakebite, if any salt water or antiseptic can be used to wash the wound to remove the venom.
  • Remove clothing, jewelry snake bite in the region because it can cause pinched later when the bite area with swelling up.

boots for huntingNote: should quickly bring the patient to the health facility. If patients with injuries, should lie at the medical facility to be in place to support the recovery and health facilities should quickly contact hospitals to support timely treatment.

If you have a snake bite in the leg or arm, need a bandage above the wound with bandages, the tape is rolled around the armpit or groin to police. Then up the estate by hand or foot wooden brace as in the case of estate fractures to limit the spread of the venom.

  • Be quick transport to the hospital as soon as possible. Need to keep the victim lie still during transportation, pay attention to the wound site section snakebite lower than the position of the heart to limit the rapid spread of the venom. It is best transported by stretcher shield.
  • If the snake were discovered and killed after biting, snake need to bring together the victim to the hospital to identify types of poisonous snakes and doctors would use serum neutralization matching venom.

When bitten if the hands and feet use ice immediately Tago. Once bitten but not Tago place is there is no other way is to use a knife and slit off the bite site for bleeding broadly comfortable dyke freedom out (backflow of blood from the heart to help out push toxins out). When blood flow all black (blood toxicity), then bandaged.

Research cadastral maps and terrain area to plan to arrive fit for the trip, calculate the distance to move back to reasonable health and prevent people from falling into dangerous situations. Preview weather forecasts to prepare the plan. Prepare a referral if the region goes as border or conservation areas have the separate management of specialized agencies.


Get Rid of Scorpions

Scorpions are not insects but belong animal’s arachnid. There are two common species of scorpion black and brown.

  • The sting in the tail stinger of a scorpion species is like a bee sting wounds, causing swelling, redness and soreness, sometimes bruising.
  • Sometimes victims feel just a little irritated at the site of injection but then immediately dizziness, sweating tears, snot, nausea, stiff limbs. Some extreme cases, scorpion venom, can cause anaphylactic shock, danger to life.
  • In cases of scorpion bites, stings people need ice packs and anti-spray to sting or pain painkillers paracetamol types of components. For children and people prone to react to bites, especially in the face burned, taken to the emergency need to be given an antidote.


Perhaps, no one in this world has ever seen a mosquito bite. Seemingly harmless, but also mosquito bites cause skin infections, fever.

In the mosquito, Anopheles mosquitoes can transmit malaria. These parasites live and multiply in human blood cells and cause symptoms such as nausea, flu, fever, and chill. In the case of danger, the disease causes a coma and then death. Should wash the wound with soap mosquito bites with acidic water or diluted vinegar.
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