Which Aromatherapy Diffuser Is Best For Your Health?

Essential oils have been used since the ancient times with a lot of applications ranging from medical treatment, cosmetic product, and household cleaner and cooking.  Of course, one of the most effective and popular use that we cannot go on without mentioning is for aromatherapy.

With different essential oils, we will have different benefits and you can look for more information about different types of oil here http://EssentialOilDiffuserOnline.com or reviews about top 10 best essential oil diffusers. For example, jasmine oil will bring a calm and relaxing effect, helping us to sleep better and enhancing our mood. In the other hands, some types of essential oils such as lemon oil or peppermint oil will bring a fresh and dynamic effect.

I know that the market for various types of essential oil has already overwhelmed you. However, you will be even more surprised when you know that there are also a lot of different air diffusers on sale at the moment. You might be thinking that you don’t know about all types of oil diffusers and you only need to know about the best one that the market has for you.

However, I need to say that there is no perfect oil diffuser for everybody. Like any other product on the market, different types of oil diffusers will have different pros and cons. Your best choice of the aromatherapy diffuser will depend on how you plan to use it as well as your preference.

Here are some of the most common and popular types of diffusers on the market for your consideration:

  1. Nebulizing Diffusernebulizing diffuser

  • This type of diffuser is the most common type on the market and there are sure good reasons for its popularity. First of all, this diffuser can do a wonderful job in filling the air with your choice of diffuser in a very short time. It is very powerful and efficient.
  • Secondly, it is very easy to use a nebulizing diffuser. All you need to do is pour essential oils into the glass attachment and the air pump will do its job to spread the essential oil into the air.
  • And finally, since it is very popular, you will have a lot of choice for styles and designs with this type. You can also make an oil diffuser as a decorative item in your house; just make sure its style matches other styles of your furniture.

Disadvantage of this diffuser

  • Although a nebulizing diffuser might come with a lot of benefits, it also has some major drawbacks. For example, it is quite noisy when it is operating- the main culprit for this problem is the powerful air pump. However, some people don’t consider this a big deal since the noise is quite constant, which sounds like a type o f white noise. As you know, white noise can help to add extra effect for your relaxing time.
  • Another disadvantage of this diffuser is that there are some essential oils that you cannot put into it. These oils are usually thick in consistency such as vetiver and myrrh essential oils.
  1. Cool Mist

  • This type of diffuser is most suitable for bringing cool and fresh air into your house. It is extremely helpful when you have kids or some member of your family who are suffering from runny nose or colds.
  • When you turn on the cool mist, it will help to spread the essential oils into the air along with water molecules. Therefore, using this cool mist, you can increase the level of humidity in your house in a quick and economical way.
  • In addition, the material of most of the cool mist diffusers is very durable. There is no glass so you don’t worry that it might break and spread the entire of essential oils onto your floor.

However, the advantage of cool mist can be considered its disadvantage as well. Sometimes you will need to have extra humidity in your room and sometimes you do not. When you house is already humid, you don’t want to add extra water molecules into the air, creating an ideal environment for mold and mildew to develop.

  1. Aroma Stone

  • Finally, we come to my favorite type of essential oil diffuser. There are many reasons that could explain why I love this type of diffuser more than any other type.

Aroma Stone

  • I love it because it is so quite when operating. I can place it near my bed and still fall into sleep in a quiet surroundings. It is also very easy to use this type of diffuser as well.
  • Aroma stone helps to warm up the oil a little bit before releasing it into the room; it does not heat the area around it at all. That is the reason why I keep plugging this diffuser for days without being affected by the noise or the heat it emits.
  • Nevertheless, this type of essential oil diffuser also has its own disadvantages. First of all, it is not as strong as other types of diffuser. It will take a long time to spread the essential oils into the air.
  • And since it is not so strong, you should not use this essential oil diffuser for a big room.

As you can see, you have a wide selection when it comes to essential oil diffuser. There are nebulizing diffuser, cool mist and aroma stone to name just a few. You should consider about these product’s pros and cons carefully before you come up with your final decision of what diffuser oil is best for your preference and your use in the future.

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